Mung Beans

Our company has many years experience in supplying mung beans to many different countries such as China, European nations, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippine, India, Indonesia, and United States. We have wide range of customers, from people who use our mung beans for sprouting, wholesaling, and repackaging for supermarket to people who use mung bean for processing such as making bean paste, bean noodles, and snacks. We can provide flexible service and provide solutions to fit our customer’s needs.

Quality of Green Mung Bean is essential for export which is why we pay special attention to the beans during grading process to reduce damages to the mung bean during processing. Myanmar’s best quality mung beans harvested between February and March. The varieties harvested during this period are Shwe War and Yaezin and they are marketed to high quality market.

Our Company offers following Green Mung Bean Products: Yaezin variety, Shwe War variety, A Nyar variety, Baby Mung Beans, and Green Mung Bean Huskless Split​

Green Mung Beans
Green Mung Bean Huskless Split

Shwe War
Green Mung Bean Huskless Split
A-Nyar Variety
Baby Mung Bean