About Us

New Golden Gate (1991) Co., Ltd is a family owned business specializing in Exporting and Importing of Agriculture Goods. Our family business has started in 1968 under the name, “Khit Thit Wholesaler”, distributing agriculture goods locally in Yangon. Now, we have customers across worldwide, including China, Japan, European Union, United States, India, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Philippine, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. 


Our three factories are equipped with gravity tables, sizing tables, color sorting machines, magnetic de-stoner machines, and bean splitting machines to provide best qualities beans to our customers. We also have sesame roasting machines to produce sesame powders which will be used to squeeze out sesame oil. With the continuous technology advancement in the field of agriculture processing machines, we allocate a considerable amount of investment in machines each year to obtain better quality products. 

Our company has connection with beans, pulses, onion, sesame, and chili peppers growers across Myanmar. We provide value added services to the crops, delivering best quality, within specs products to our customers.